♥ Welcome Back BDA Dancers & Families ♥

As we return to classes on September 13th, these revised rules below are in place for the current safety protocols and will continue to be in effect into the season if still required by Provincial Health. These rules may change as mandates evolve but for now, this is how we expect to run in order to keep our dancers, families & staff safe. Thank you all for reading and helping with the following important studio guidelines.

~ BDA STUDIO Protocols ~

  1. Please note that the lobby area and dressing room will now reopen with reduced capacity to ensure distancing. Office/Admin needs are still best and effective by email/phone. Parents who wish to see BDA Admin staff in person are requested to email ahead to make an appointment to visit the BDA office. 
  2. Parents of younger dancers aged 2-6 should enter with their child and be present in lobby until their dismissal, and if the lobby is at capacity, we do ask that once their dancer is in class, for parents to please wait outside or in their vehicle and return at dismissal time. As this is our first try reopening our lobby area since the pandemic, we may have an amended plan for Fridays/Saturdays if it gets too busy with the little ones, and have parents once more collect their dancer at the separate A & B exit doors. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience as we readjust to a more normal way of operation.
  3. As currently mandated in BC, masks are still to be worn by all when entering in and out of the studio to ensure safety through the shared spaces and entrances. As half of our student body (who are under 12) have not been vaccinated, we require all students to continue to wear masks in indoor classes to help keep everyone safe.
  4. Students may now enter through lobby door to get to their classes. Students with classes in Studio B may continue to enter directly at the outer B double doors, to ease foot traffic through lobby.
  5. As our dressing room is at limited capacity and for efficiency, students should still arrive ready in dance attire, remove slip-on shoes at entrances, bring dance shoes for that day in a small bag into class.
  6. We recommend students use washroom at home prior to arriving for dance, as washrooms have highest surface contact areas. Students will be responsible to follow washroom safety instructions (posted on the wall). Parents of younger ones are requested to assist their child in the washroom.
  7. We will continue to encourage safe distancing in indoor classes. Barres are tape marked as well to help keep dancers separated. We will have students commit to the same barre spot within the class time, and ensure dancers sanitize hands upon entering, and also upon leaving. 
  8. We do ask that students who are sick to stay home and not attend, and parents to keep their child home if they have any symptoms of illness, cough, sore throat or fever.

We hope this is helpful and reassuring to know our studio plan, and we really appreciate you reviewing these with your dancer in preparation for returning to studio classes.  ♥ MUCH THANKS EVERYONE! & LOOKING FORWARD TO WELCOMING YOU BACK TO THE STUDIO! ♥