Sharon BoswellSharon Boswell, RAD RTS, RAD T. DIPLOMA PRINCIPAL & DIRECTOR, Classical Ballet, Competitive & Exam Divisions

Born in Malaysia, Sharon Boswell began her early classical training there with Cynthia Too (L.R.A.D.) and later with Anna Kronenburg (A.R.A.D.). She received training in classical ballet, jazz, musical theatre, national/ethnic dance. She moved to Vancouver in 1988 to complete her dance training and to pursue a career in dance. Sharon has completed all levels of ballet examinations with awarded Honours and Distinction. She graduated with RAD Certification in 1991 and awarded the RAD Teaching Diploma in 1993 and has been a Registered Teacher and full member of the Royal Academy of Dance for over 27 years. She has taught throughout the Lower Mainland before forming the Boswell Dance Academy in 1994. ‘Miss Sharon’ as she is most often referred to, teaches the Children’s Graded and Vocational Grades of the R.A.D. Syllabi and also coaches the Competitive Ballet groups.

Lacey ClarkeLacey Clarke Competitive Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop & Stage

Lacey is a highly accomplished dancer in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet, Voice, Stage, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Rhythmic Gymnastics. She has trained with some of the top choreographers in North America. Lacey holds many International Championship titles, among them the Miss U.S.A. Dance Classic and she is the five time gold medallist of the International Tap and Jazz Competition held in Reisa, Germany. She has also received many top awards as a choreographer and we are proud to have her coaching our competitive division with her great artistry and passion for dance.

Kathryn CarlbergKathryn Carlberg RAD RTS Competitive Division, Classical Ballet & Modern

Kathryn began her early training at Boswell Dance Academy and completed all 14 consecutive grades of the RAD Ballet Examinations with Honours and Distinction. She has also trained intensively in various other styles, Jazz, Lyrical and Modern. Kathryn performed with our top competitive teams and also excelled as a ballet and lyrical soloist. Graduating from BDA, she then trained intensively at Danzmode Productions before being accepted into S.F.U’s Modern Dance Program. She holds her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts majoring in Dance and is also a graduate of the RAD CBTS program. ‘Miss Kathryn’ is one of BDA’s most committed instructors, a creative choreographer and also an integral part of the academy’s Administration.

Hannah GlavinHannah Glavin Competitive Hip Hop, Jr. Ballet & Tap

Hannah is a graduate of BDA and a Company member, and has excelled as a competitive dancer in Company groups and as a soloist throughout the years. Hannah is a dedicated instructor who inspires all her students with her fun energetic teaching style and dynamic choreography, it is a joy to have her on our faculty here at BDA.

Bryanna JangBryanna Jang Competitive Tap & Hip Hop

Bryanna is a graduate of BDA and excelled as a competitive dancer in Company Tap and Hip Hop, BDA’s top team groups throughout the years. She is a committed instructor who inspires her students with her solid technique and skill, we are proud to have Bryanna on our team of supportive and dedicated teachers.

Stephanie Van Dyck Acrobatic Technique

Stephanie is a highly accomplished Acrobatic performer, Actress and Model who performs actively and guest teaches throughout the lower mainland. We are happy to have her share her knowledge and skill with our young Acro students here at BDA.

IMG_3050[2121]Michelle Bedry Competitive Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop

Michelle is a former graduate of BDA and excelled as a competitive dancer in Company Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop, as well as a strong soloist throughout the years. She is a dedicated instructor who inspires her students with her solid technique and dynamic choreography, which have received competitive awards and high scores at competitions.

Eliana Jacobs  Competitive Acrobatics

Eliana is a highly accomplished Acrobatic and Circus performer in hand-balancing and aerial apparatus. She has trained and taught in California, Copenhagen and here in Vancouver. She is excited to bring her circus-style choreography and expertise to BDA’s Acro Program.

SamanthaSamantha Block  Jazz, Lyrical & Stage

Samantha is a current performing Company Member of BDA in Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop, as well a strong solo performer. She has received many top highest scoring awards each year, among them Jr. Dancer of the Year, and has now most recently been awarded the title – Synergy Sr. Dancer of the Year. Sam is a dedicated and caring instructor who shares her solid technique, artistry and skill with her students. BDA is proud to have Sam on our faculty team since 2015.