This is it…our FINAL WEEK OF CLASSES at BDA!

Our last day of the Season ends this Sunday at the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby with our 2 performances of SHOWTIME to celebrate an amazing dance season and BDA’s 24th year!

Huge Thanks to all BDA Parents for your continuous effort, support and attendance this year, we are excited and proud to highlight and celebrate your children on the big stage this Sunday!!

Classes are held as usual at BDA this week including this Saturday June 23rd, with Wednesday’s Dress Rehearsal A and Sunday’s Dress Rehearsal B held at the Michael J Fox Theatre, the theatre is located at 7373, MacPherson Avenue in Burnaby. (Corner of Rumble and MacPherson at Burnaby South Secondary).

Please see below for all important information for this week.


Full Dress Rehearsals at the MJ FOX Theatre…this Wednesday Sunday

All dancers should remain in the auditorium for the duration of the half-hour rehearsal block that they are scheduled in, and may remain for the other blocks if they wish. This will be a nice opportunity for the students to watch the other performers. We ask that parents do not stay to watch the rehearsal, we can only admit the dancers and helping staff in a rehearsal booking.

However, parents of very young ones (2-5 yrs) Tutu Tots, Pre-Ballet & Tiny Tap should stay in the lobby (chairs will be set out) and the children will be escorted out to you after they have rehearsed. Thank you for your assistance.

Full costume is requested of all dancers during these rehearsals. Please remember that food is not permitted in the theatre but dancers may eat in the lobby/dressing rooms, dancers are reminded to keep these areas tidy, especially around costumes.

Please check your emails for full dress rehearsal schedule.

SHOWTIME 2018 Matinee & Evening Performances – 2:00 pm & 6:30 pm

Auditorium doors open half hour before each show for the audience. Each act runs just over an hour, with an intermission in between before second act. Evening show usually runs 10-15 minutes longer than matinee. Please check your email for content of both shows.

The Theatre Concession will be open for both shows, offering drinks, fruit and light snack options.


All dancers performing should arrive in costume (first costume if in more than one dance), female dancers in full Stage Make-Up (see below or basic instructions) and stage-ready Hair, 30 minutes before each show that they are scheduled in and proceed backstage to their assigned dressing rooms. Follow signs and use the sign-in sheets located near dressing room entrance.


Parents of our very youngest dancers (3-6 yrs) are requested to bring their children in costume (first costume if in more than one dance) into their assigned dressing room where helpers will be waiting to assist them. During the show, they will have an area for colouring, quiet activities and a video set-up. If they are only dancing in one Act and have a ticket to watch the other half of show with their family, we ask parents to please bring/return your dancer only during our Intermission time, as to minimize disruption during the show.  

FOR BOYS & MEN – A reminder that all boys (and Dads) are not allowed in any of the other dressing rooms for female dancers. 

All Male Dancers are reminded to proceed to their assigned separate dressing room in their first costume and stage-ready/styled hair.


See the picture below for basic instructions. Please keep in mind the younger the children are, less or simpler eye-makeup is needed, just very pink rosy blush on cheeks and vibrant lipstick is great to show their features in the strong stage lighting. Here also is a link to a Youtube make-up tutorial if you would like to practice more detailed/advanced stage makeup before the show.


SHOWTIME TICKETS              Reserved Seating – $20  Prices shown include GST and the theatre levy/seat tax.

Show Tickets and DVD/Blu-Ray pre-orders are available at BDA during office hours this week or at the theatre on Sunday, prior to each show.


SHOWTIME is professionally recorded by the renowned GTFX Video team. Our Showtime DVD sets/Blu-Rays are now available for pre-order until the day of the show. Order forms are available at our office until Saturday or the theatre lobby on Showtime Sunday.


Class Photos are now by donation, proceeds to BDA Scholarships. Please use mailbox on wall by office door or hand directly to office. Thank you for your kind support.


Please check the lobby benches for your child’s items, we will be clearing and sending clothing/water bottles to goodwill soon after the show.


A reminder to hand in your Summer and Fall Registration if you haven’t already done so by the June 15th, as programs are now filling and we have started accepting new students.